Spring Cleaning - Beauty Edition

Spring Cleaning - Beauty Edition

While it's still a little gloomy and chilly here (sorry, East Coast friends, I know you're in a blizzard!), it is officially SPRING!

Usually around this time of year I'm cleaning up our toys, school shelves, hall closet and pantry. Tidying up, tossing anything that's not serving the family in this season and replacing old and battered things with fresh new ones.

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The White Tee


A while ago I spilled coffee on my one white t-shirt. It was about 5 years old from the GAP and honestly I think it was a friend's that either got left at my place or I borrowed and never returned or something. Either way, I've never purchased a plain white tee. So when I spilled coffee on it and couldn't get out the stain, I had no idea where to look for a replacement. 

The white tee is like the backbone of my wardrobe. White tee, jeans, sandals, hat. It's the quintessential 'Bri' outfit. But in recent years I've been increasingly conscious about where I spent my money and energy and what companies I support. I knew that I wasn't about to head back to the GAP to get a replacement so I spent a few days researching, asking around, and checking out some new sites for the perfect white t-shirt. 


Before I spill the beans on where I ended up getting mine from, here are the guidelines I was working with:

1. The perfect length. Not too long, not too short. It has to look good both tucked and untucked with a little bit of breathing room but not like I'm wearing a tunic.

2. Heft. I don't like super heavy tees but it also can't be so thin that it shows my bra. I'm still working with mostly maternity/nursing bras these days just because I haven't gotten around to updating my underthings, and those are pretty hefty so the tee has to cover up the unmentionables. 

3. Neckline. I love a good v-neck and that was what my previous white tee was. I could have gone with something a little different but too high on the neck really bothers me and too low doesn't do the job of covering those really cute nursing bras I mentioned earlier.

4. Fit. I like a little bit of wiggle room but not so much that I'm swimming in it. I'm a slender person, incredibly flat-chested, so the whole baggy trend doesn't really jive with my body type. I can pull it off on some days when I'm feelin' it, but for a basic white t-shirt, it needs to be, well, basic.


And the winner is ...


I actually have a couple tops from Everlane but never went in on the basic v-neck. It's hard to buy basics, ya know? They're - basic. So spending money on them as opposed to something a little more exciting for some reason is difficult for me. But with Everlane's $15 price point and transparent pricing I was sold. I actually bought 2.

Embracing Imperfections

embracing imperfection | life by bri

William was at preschool, Charlotte and Theodore were napping and I had 2 and a half hours to do a couple shoots, catch up on emails and eat my lunch. I put on makeup, fixed a few flyaways and set up the tripod for the camera.

And then the camera battery died.

Once I finally got it charged enough to get the shoot done Charlotte woke up and crashed the party. It could have easily been ruined. I could have easily packed it all up and tried again the next day. 

Instead, I decided to embrace the imperfect work time. Working from home isn't without its challenges. I'm constantly being interrupted by a baby waking up, a toddler wanting another snack, someone dropping off packages at the door. It's easy to get frustrated and call it quits early. But I recently read something comparing amateurs and professionals and how they work. I often work like an amateur, and there's nothing wrong with that. I work when I have time, quit when I feel like it, and don't always give my best. I go days or weeks without visiting this space, without working and it's okay. But lately I've gotten real with myself and said 'Bri, this is what you love. This is what you want to do. This is your passion. You gotta treat it like the huge amazing fulfilling thing it is. You've got to be a professional'. 

But there's always a little give-and-take to work. These photos, for example, are full of imperfections. I was so tempted to trash all of these and start fresh because of one small glaring imperfection: my feet. 

I set up the tripod (twice, remember?) and when I finally got around to actually taking the photos it had gotten moved ever so slightly ... just enough to cut my feet off and be a tiny bit crooked. I didn't notice until a few days later when I was editing. Torn between wanting to stay professional, stay on schedule, but show perfection. Cutting my feet off in an outfit post?! Not perfect.

But this space isn't about perfection. And I can aspire to it all I want but at the end of the day, I'm a mama. And I'm not perfect. Charlotte wasn't meant to be in these photos, the camera should have been level, my feet should be in them (and my cute shoes!). I guess what I'm saying is: you can be professional and still be imperfect. Your feet can be cut off in photos and you can still use them. Not because you're churning out content for the heck of it, but because sh*t happens. And isn't it a little more interesting to see those imperfections than something that's a little 'too perfect'?

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Air Dry

Air Dry

i wash my hair 2-3 times each week. i let it air dry and then use a flat iron to smooth everything out and add a little wave. this style lasts me a few days until it's too kinky or greasy or sweaty and i have to wash again. sometimes though, i like to give my hair (and my arms. using a flat iron is a workout!) a break. every couple of weeks or so i let it do it's thing. i let my conditioner hydrate in the shower a little longer than usual, don't brush, and let it air dry. i have naturally frizzy, weirdly curly hair that has a mind of it's own. but i've learned how to tame it for a day or two...

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