Fall Goals

fall goals LIFE BY BRI

this fall will be my first in 5 years. 5 years since i experienced cooler temperatures, falling leaves, changing colors, cider, pumpkin picking, apple pies, cozy sweaters, boots... i could go on and on. autumn is absolutely my favorite season. there's so much that seems fresh and new and promising about fall (even though the leaves are, yes, dying, but whatever. it's still fresh to me!) and i just cannot wait to experience it all! on top of the promising weather, there's a lot that can happen in these next 4 months and i want to take it all in! there's tons happening in our lives right now so i find it helpful to write out some goals for myself for the end of the year:

1. show my children all that this season has to offer! 
my biggest goal is to experience all the fun fall things with my kids. it's their first fall and i'm just beside myself. a few things on the list: apple picking, pumpkin picking, jumping in leaf piles, football games(!!!), fire pits in the backyard, halloween!, and just spending as much time outdoors as possible in cute and cozy sweaters. it's truly the most wonderful time of the year!

2. grow my stella & dot business to new heights.
i have a goal i'm chasing down and hoping to meet by the end of october. but the fun doesn't stop there. since moving back to ohio after being away for so long, it's all about building my business back up in a totally new location. i'm up for the challenge and i know it's going to be an exciting season. with tons of new styles, and so many incentives happening every day, there's no better time to be a stylist! i love the opportunity to have this flourishing business fit seamlessly in to my busy life. the accessories sell themselves and i just get to help women feel empowered and beautiful and that is something that puts a smile on my face (and $$$ in my bank account) every day.

3. work with more brands on my blog and social media.
this is something that has been increasing for me the past few months especially over on instagram. i love working with brands on that platform and am looking forward to extending that opportunity to my blog as well. we have a few fun things lined up for the coming season, plus a big announcement coming soon and i know it's going to help this space grow to where i want it to be.

4. double my blog pageviews.
this may sound like a daunting task, but i know it's totally doable. i haven't been giving my all to this space in months and it's time to come back to my home base and get it back to where it should be. growing a blog is not easy, but i know that just putting a teeny tiny bit more effort in to it will yield amazing results! 

5. find the perfect fall sweater.
you guys. i don't own a sweater. i did last year and then i got rid of it in a huge closet purge before we decided to move back to ohio. so. i need at least one sweater. i'm currently debating between this one, this one and this one but i just cannot decide. help a sista out!

what are some of your goals this season? i'd love to see in the comments!

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